Greg goes to Cape Canaveral for the Space Shuttle Launch

The excitement is building and the astronauts are loading into the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  I arrived at MCO – Orlando International Airport last night on my way to watch the last NASA Space Shuttle launch.  Shuttle Atlantis, called OV-104 by the nerdiest of the space enthusiasts is sitting on the pad while the army of technicians and controllers go about their business of launching the 135th shuttle flight.  To follow along, NASA has their Public Affairs team narrating the live streaming NASA TV feed also available in HD.  check it out:

Chance of launch today is low (due to the forecast of rain and clouds) but we’re going out there anyway!

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3 thoughts on “Greg goes to Cape Canaveral for the Space Shuttle Launch

  1. jedibfa

    I am so jealous that you got to go down there. Fingers crossed it launches while you are still in town.

  2. gregmoran

    What a great experience! We got the Cape Canaveral access placard. This allowed us access to the VIP viewing stands that were at the 7mi point. Afterwards we took a tour of the other launch complexes instead of fighting the traffic to get back out.

    Took lots of pictures and s few good videos so check back in a day or 2!


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