Mach 30 hosts a number of events throughout the year.  Given the dispersed nature of Mach 30 members and volunteers, these are usually held through virtual means such as Google Hangouts, and can utilize Twitter and other social media outlets.  For a full list of Mach 30’s events for the year, browse through the calendar.


Weekly Hangouts


Mach 30 Hangouts, 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 8:30 pm Eastern

Mach 30 Hangouts (formerly known as Mach 30 Weekly Hangouts) are our dedicated time slot for non-technical discussions. Topics range from Mach 30 operations to event planning to fundraising to community building and everything in between. See the schedule below for an upcoming list of topics and feel free to add suggestions for topics to the list at the bottom of the page.

  • Upcoming topics TBD

Reports Hangouts, 1st Thursday at 8:30 pm Eastern

Every month, Mach 30 holds an On Air Hangout to present updates on its various projects and activities. These Reports Hangouts are organized around Mach 30’s primary project areas, what the board calls “busses”. After each report, Hangout participants are given a chance to ask questions and give feedback on the project. Since these Hangouts are held “on air”, you can go back and catch up on reports you missed on the Mach 30 YouTube Channel.

#EngineerSpeak Hangouts, Every Thursday at 10:00 pm Eastern

Every week our technical team gathers on a Google+ Hangout for an open discussion on any and all Mach 30 open source spaceflight projects. These Hangouts are a little less formal than our other Hangouts and much more technical. The agenda is set by the participants after they get to the Hangout based on what they feel they need to work on. And the agenda is just as likely to entail hacking on hardware as it is holding a typical meeting. Technical jargon flies fast at these Hangouts, as does math, science, and engineering. As always, everyone is welcome to attend, just be warned, there will be plenty of #EngineerSpeak.


Mach 30’s Birthday, January 27th

Mach 30 was founded on January 27th, 2009, and every year we try to celebrate with our members, volunteers, and supporters.


Apogee, Summer

Apogee is a yearly event Mach 30 hosts to engage with the community, and perform planning activities.  The first day of the event is like a mini #MakerFaire, focused around space technologies. Mach 30 members and volunteers show off some of the things we’ve worked on, and others are encouraged to show off their own projects. There’s also other fun activities, and some planning and brainstorming sessions aimed at getting feedback and ideas from the larger community. Following the first day, the board sets to doing its own planning work and other activities, including volunteer recognition.