Notes from meeting with Neil Milburn

25 June 2011 – Drove out to Caddo Mills, TX to meet (face-to-face) with Neil Milburn to:

– receive information about the Armadillo Aerospace insurance provider.
– get a tour of their facility.


  1. Armadillo’s Insurance provider is JLT Aerospace (North America) Inc.out of Houston, TX.  He gave me the info of a Ralph Harp, Senior Vice President.  w: 713.984.7570, c: 713.253.4594, email: 
  2. We briefly discussed the coverage that Armadillo bought from them:  Liability coverage for ANY vehicle, flow at ANY location, for ANY number of flights/year.  Their premium is down to $40K/year after showing a successful track record of safety.  Liability coverage up to $3(?) M… (didnt seem right, but thats what I thought I heard.
  3. Other insurance (more general stuff) is still at Falcon Insurance.
  4. We also discussed their flight operations and the FAA waiver paperwork necessary.  Their contact at FAA in the local ABQ area (for Spaceport America operations) is Emily Cisneros at ZAB.  The Regional (central US) FAA office is in Texas(?) and the contact there is PJ “Joseph” Pilgram. 

(to be continued)

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