Open Source Hardware

Open Source Hardware (OSHW) is one of the three pillars of Mach 30’s mission to “hasten the advancement of humanity into a spacefaring civilization.”  We call it “open design” in our mission statement, others call it open source hardware, or even open hardware.  No matter what you call it, open source hardware is, at its core, a process for developing and sharing the designs and documentation for physical objects.   The video (courtesy of OSHWA) and links below cover the philosophy, community, tools, and licenses being developed to support this growing movement.

The Community

Online Tools

  • Opeenering Wiki – Mach 30 sponsored wiki of free and open source engineering software/hardware/resources to help the OSHW movement become less reliant on commercial software
  • Open Design Engine – Mach 30 sponsored portal for managing and sharing OSHW projects
  • Open Hardware RepositoryCERN run portal for managing and sharing OSHW projects related to CERN’s research efforts