Gemini 3 Launch Recording

I was at a Ham Radio picnic a couple of weekends ago where I had the good fortune to chat with Greg J.  We discussed Mach 30’s mission and goals, and the role that public interest in space flight plays in space programs.  This got us talking about the race to the moon and how much interest the public had in those early days of space flight.

One very interesting tidbit of that conversation was that Greg J. had an old audio recording he made when he was young of the countdown and liftoff of one of the Gemini flights.  He has been kind enough to share that recording with me as an mp3, and I wanted to pass it along.  The recording is from Gemini 3, the first manned mission of the Gemini program.  It is a great recording and has a quite different feel from today’s countdowns.  It is less sterile, more real almost.  Listen very early on for the commentary on the range safety officer and the destruct armaments.  Many thanks to Greg J. for the great conversation and the copy of the recording.

Image courtesy of wikipedia.

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