Project: Hackerspace tour of the mid west

Purpose:  Community building, Getting our name out, Capacity demonstration/test

Description:  Mach 30 board members schedule visits to various hackerspaces.  These visits allows Mach 30 to advertize to their target demographic (makers, space enthusiasts, etc.).  Also the concept of bringing some type of demo project that would involve participation from the hosting space’s members.

A similar tour was done by Noisebridge member Mitch:…

Possible Destinations:

OCD — Detroit, MI
Mt. Elliot Makerspace – Detroit, MI
I3 — Detroit, MI
A2 MechShop — Ann Arbor, MI
AHA — Ann Arbor, MI
LVL1/Actors Theatre – Louisville, KY
LVL1 — Louisville, KY
Hive13 — Cincinnati, OH
BloomingLabs — Bloomington, IN
Arch Reactor — St. Louis, MO
KC Mini Maker Faire / CCCKC — Kansas City, MO
Quad Cities Co-Lab Hackerspace — Quad Cities, IA/IL 
PS:1 — Chicago, IL
Madison BarCamp — Madison, WI
Sector67 – Madison, WI

Project ideas:

  • Weather balloon camera to space:
    • Set up in the morning (photo document the days activities)
    • Launch balloon (photo document the days activities)
    • Track progress throughout the day (photo document the days activities)
    • Enlist the help of members to chase and recover camera package
    • Download pictures and compile presentation by adding todays photos to existing template
    • Evening briefing about Mach 30 and include pics from todays acticvities
    • Catered Dinner?
  • Portable satelliete tracking ground station
    • Set up ground station (photo document the days activities)
    • Determine the availbility of trackable satellite passes (photo document the days activities)
      • viable passes: demo the tracking system (photo document the days activities)
      • if there are no viable passes, run a pre-recorded simulation
    • Compile presentation by adding todays photos to existing template
    • Briefing about Mach 30 including pics from todays activities
  • Demo firing of hybrid rocket engine
  • Other ideas?
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2 thoughts on “Project: Hackerspace tour of the mid west

  1. J Simmons

    More background on High altitude balloon idea

    We first saw this idea last September. Some college students had taken pics from very high altitudes for about $150. As the discussion went on, other similar projects were posted to the thread. None of them really went into detail about the hardware design or assembly.

    However, since that forum thread was started, the first group we found has posted a “how-to” that may be very helpful should we decide to adopt this as the first project.


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