Steven Colbert: proponent of human spaceflight

I’ve been thinking about how to get more information for the public about becoming a spafecaring nation.  Here’s one good source that is making space and spaceflight relevent and interesting.

I found an outstanding series of videos from an unlikely advocate of human spaceflight.  Steven Colbert’s series called “Fall Back Position: Astronaut” chronicals his experience as he goes through “astronaut training” at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.  Colbert has also contacted the astrnauts onboard the ISS during a live press conference.  here’s the links to some videos:

Selected NASA related clips from The Colbert Report:

Fall Back Position: Astronaut – part 1
Fall Back Position: Astronaut – part 2
Fall Back Position: Astronaut – part 3
NASA node naming contest, write in candidate
Democracy in orbit
Node 3 naming contest results

Colbert has done many other interview segments with space related individuals.  Check out all of his other space related segments too!

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