Minutes from OpenDesignEngine.net Requirements Meeting

Committee Name: Web Devel Team


  • Review general needs/requirements of ODE
  • Map requirements to redmine and determine roadmap (v0, v0.1, v0.2)

Meeting type/How called: Special/Called by J.

Notice: Email

Location: Phone bridge

Meeting started: 13:35

Meeting ended: 15:00

Next Meeting: TBD

Attending: J., Greg, Van


  • Review general needs/requirements of ODE
    • Need Statement: Develop a sourceforge.net for openly licensed hardware projects
    • Host Projects with sub-projects as needed
    • Document, file (analyses, drawings, etc), source code storage (templates for creating/managing these materials?)
    • Users should be able to configure features used in the project
    • Project “home page” should be wiki-like as well to let project owners “sell” their projects, including posting rich media (videos, pics, etc)
    • Need to support systems engineer workflow(s)
      • Need to store the evolution of a design decision and the supporting conversation/analysis
    • Need to have a way to discretize and advertise the available volunteer opportunities (maybe something like stack overflow?)
  • Map requirements to redmine and determine roadmap (v0, v0.1, v0.2)
    • v0 – features directly supported by redmine or plugins
      • built in features
        • projects with sub-projects
        • Version control support (by way of web front end for svn, cvs, mercurial, darcs, bzr, git – select VCS system based on support for lots of large files, and ease of use)
        • wiki for document creation
        • general file storage for docs (how is this different from VCS?)
        • per project feature selection
      •  plugins
        • http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/PluginBotsFilter
        • http://github.com/splendeo/redmine_hide_emails_by_default/
        • http://dev.holgerjust.de/projects/redmine-checkout/wiki
        • http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/PluginGoogleAnalytics
        • graph/math syntax support – http://www.redmine.org/boards/3/topics/10649
        • insert issue info into wiki – http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/PluginWikiIssueDetails
        • http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/PluginArchDecisions (eval only)
    •  v0.1
      • features that are missing from v0 – priority in front of issue
        • #3 – better wiki support (syntax, templates?, co-editing?)
        • ** project and site homepage enhancements – probably small amount of work
        • #2 – engineering workflow
        • #1 – discretize volunteer opportunities
      • to implement
        • homepage enhancements
        • discretize volunteer opportunities
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