As more people express interest…

Brainstorming Tasks for people to positively add to the community of knowledge-

  • Develop flight software for truely orbitally maneuverable vehicle.  (assumption: ample delta_V fuel) fundamental change in aviaonics needed for “pilots” to “maneuver”
  • Plan and coordinate Mach 30’s targeted social networking activities.  i.e. Track the word of mouth dissemination of Mach 30’s message through interested parties.
  • Capture and catalog issues with the Area I program.
  • Compare current ARES I design to the ESAS trade study reference design.
  • White paper:  Write the “NASA does it again!” article, based on the direction of the new administration.
  • Brainstorm and catalog impacts of the proposed Mach 30 disruptive technology:  (  Some impact areas could include Optimization of Long-duration crew rotation schedule, Impacts to orbital construction programs, Manifesting issues.
  • Orbital debris clean up trade study.  (part of the sustainable aspect).  How effective and how expansive is feasible?
  • Astroid protection, clear, modular, replaceable shield components.  Maintain the view with adequate protection.
  • … and more !
  • individual fundraiser programs to benefit Mach 30 (a race for space)
  • space party at your own house
  • need a pacet of materials with resources needed for individuals to put this together on your own
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