Back to Aggieland for SEDS and SFF conference.

Whoop!  It’s great to be back here in College Station, TX to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” here in Aggieland.  It’s also awesome to get in touch with the next generation of Aerospace students here.  Since this is the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) conference it makes sense that most of these folks are students from chapters across the country.

What’s strange is that I didn’t realize that the attendence here would be so diverse!  There are folks with interests that range the entire engineering spectrum (fluids, structures, robotics, computers, propulsion; young and old alike.  I guess I really knew that before, but it was strange that i didnt expect to see it here.

Last night was just the opening social but i’ve aready met an internationl host of folks!  It looks like my expectations for this weekend will be quickly exceeded!

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