What IS it all about?

Updated Sept. 26, 2013 – SInce the time of this post’s writing, Mach 30 has modified the schedule for some of the hangouts.   Those changes are reflected in the current version of the post.

Hangouts that is.

Yes, they are meetings. Online meetings. We attend, blog and record them.   As there are changes afoot, we thought it was time for a little  explanation of how they work, or why they are important to an organization like Mach 30.

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Google+ has an application known as a Hangout. It allows people around the globe to communicate via video conferencing. Mach 30 has taken full advantage of this free resource. As an organization that is scattered across the US, we use Hangouts as a virtual board room, general meeting room,  events location, and even a virtual Maker Space.The average hangout has an agenda, and topics germane to the meeting. It’s just like any other meeting of  like minded people. The big difference is that it occurs online. Historically, we have met every Thursday at  2200 (10pm), Eastern Time Zone.

Times are changing. Mach 30 has evolved. We have members who speak “#Engineerspeak”, and who are dedicated to inventing the next best space gadget. Others love space, but their interests are art, software, education, administration or photography.  We all have our niche, and to better facilitate the changing ‘face’ of the organization, we are altering our schedule. Thursday is still the day of choice. What we’ve done is reorganized the meetings. Three times a month, we will meet at 2100 (9pm) Eastern Time Zone, for non-technical meetings. Every Thursday at 2200 (10pm) Eastern will be dedicated to #Engineerspeak.

Our new schedule will look like this:

2030 (8:30 pm) Eastern Time Zone:

  • 1st Thursdays

These are our business meetings, known as Report Hangouts. Find out the latest and greatest news.

  • 2nd & 4th Thursdays

The meetings are for anyone and any topic. This is where planning for events, conferences, guest visits and general information occurs.

2200 (10:00 pm) EasternTime Zone:

  • Every Thursday is for  #Engineerspeak.  Here is where you will find out information from the scattered labs of Mach 30. Specific topics may be targeted.

Now that you have an understanding of how we use hangouts, how can you attend? On our social media sites we announce our meetings. Follow us on G+, Twitter or Facebook and when we announce a meeting, click on the invitation or comment on the post. We’ll get back to you at the time of the meeting with an invitation. Our Reports meetings are video taped and you can watch them anytime via YouTube.

Hope to see you soon!

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