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Last year, the fine folks over at OpenHardwareSummit started work on a formal definition of Open Source Hardware, and earlier this year they adopted version 1.0.  Now they are working toward selecting a logo for Open Source Hardware, and the final step is a public vote on their website, which I encourage everyone involved in open source spaceflight, hackerspaces, and hardware projects in general to participate in.

But, I also want to take a moment to lobby for one of the designs, because I think a logo is a powerful part of a movement, and I hope to see the Open Source Hardware logo be as inclusive as possible.  Up until now, the apparent majority of Open Source Hardware projects have been electronic projects (such as the Arduino prototyping board), which has led to a number of prospective logos reflecting electronics.  But Open Source Hardware is much more than just electronics, it’s work benches, it’s rockets, it’s tractors, and much more.

#16 Golden Orb
Open Source Software Logo

I believe one of the logos stands out: #16 Golden Orb.  I prefer the logo for two reasons.  First, it evokes a gear, an instantly recognizable element of physical hardware which is seen on everything from bicycles to robots.  Second, it hearkens back to the logo for the Open Source Initiative custodians of the Open Source Definition, the inspiration for the Open Source Hardware Definition.

So, please, go vote, and when you do, consider choosing #16 Golden Orb.

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