Mach 30 makes a friend

Over the last few months I have been noticing that we are not the only group with the vision of open source based space development and exploration.  Just as I was starting to wonder how Mach 30 could reach out to the other groups and make contact, I came across CSTART and their “Friends of CSTART” program.  The program is brilliant in its simplicity and is a great way to encourage other “open source” space groups to make contact.  (I also have to admit, I am a little embarrassed that I did not think of it.)

As I looked around CSTART’s website, I found their Social Contract, and was convinced that I had found a truly kindred group.  I presented the information I had learned about CSTART to the Board at the last meeting, and proposed that we send an offer of friendship to CSTART.  The Board was overwhelmingly in support of this, and so I sent a short note to CSTART last week.  The result is that we are the fourth official friend of CSTART.

Inspired by the warm welcome by CSTART to be their friend, I have also brushed up the Mach 30 website to include several connections to CSTART and the other groups we are aware of (take a look at the right side “blocks” for the new material).  Here’s to an open future in space!

ad astra per civitas

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