Problem solving in consensus groups

One of my responsiblities at Mach 30 is to help create a culture of collaboration.  A big part of the success of that endevor will revolve around how well we solve problems.  The article below is about problem solving in intential communities–not an exact match but the article does a good job of comparing how most groups work in our socieity and how groups based in consensus models (like Mach 30) aim to work.

Here’s the link:…

If you’ve got questions, observations, or comments on how this does (or does not) apply to our work, please share them.

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One thought on “Problem solving in consensus groups

  1. J Simmons

    Good questions

    Always good to read Laird’s thoughts on consensus and community (in the interest of full disclosure, I received my facilitation training from Laird when I lived at Shadowlake Village in Blacksburg, VA). I need to reflect on the questions some more, but it might be interesting to discuss these questions within the Mach 30 Board. Where are we now, and where should we be (these are not always the same place). Please stop me if I get too process geeky. 🙂


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