Gap in U.S. Human Spaceflight Could Reach Nine Years — Aviation Week, 2 Aug 09 –

To me this is rediculus.  In the 1960s NASA went all the way to the moon in the time it’s taking them to design our current system!!  This 9 year gap doesnt even include flight test time or account for any additional future delays.  Does anyone else see somthing wrong here?
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Gap in U.S. Human Spaceflight Could Reach Nine Years
Aug 2, 2009

By Frank Morring, Jr.
The outside panel examining NASA’s human-spaceflight plans for President Barack Obama foresees a much bigger gap in the U.S. ability to send its astronauts into space after the space shuttle fleet retires than the space agency targets with its current plan, and has gone back to basics in its searching for alternatives.While NASA hopes to start flying its Ares I crew launch vehicle with a piloted Orion capsule on top by March 2015 – leaving a five-year gap – a quick-look study by The Aerospace Corp. finds that date could slip as late as 2019 at current spending levels, which all agree are woefully inadequate.

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