Brainstorming for HQ facility requirements

  • A/V “practice room” 
  • VTC capable conference room 
  • Theatre style auditorium 
  • Modern workspaces (NOT cubicles!) 
  • Convenient group collaboration areas 
  • Compter Facility (Web server and local network admin)
  • Creature comforts (lounge, full kitchen, locker room, work out facility/gym?) 
  • “Back yard” porch/patio area w grill for picnics and BBQs (indoor?/outdoor?) 
  • Flightline operations viewing area (like ABQ airport terminal) (indoor?/outdoor?)
  • Considerations for All-weather operations (rain, wind, dust, hot, cold, bug swarms, etc)
  • “Mission control room” (flight & space ops center – connected to Milspace, JSPOC)
  • “Rooftop” satellite viewing area (shaded from light pollution) 
  • Fully staffed and accessible machine shop for on-site manuf./repair 
  • Rocket engine test facilities 
  • Hangar space to include maintenance and manufacturing space 
  • Shipping and receiving (for large spacecraft and machinery components)
  • R&D laboratory?? 
  • Located Adjacent to Flightline (like Scaled Composites is to Mojave airport)
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