Jaw-dropping innovation, and design creativity = Applied Minds, Inc.

Another brain dump of ideas and topics based on today’s discussions; phew what a day:

  • Need charts added to “repository”
    • Cost/schedule/performance/motivation/concept/soluition Quad chart
    • Ven Diagram: non-profit, open source, space community
  • Who is the Mach 30 User community?  How can they get involved?
  • Open-source orbital design software = Celestia
  • Manufacturing capability (surge capacity)
    • by locting near other like-minded and similarly skilled individuals (SoCal).
    • similar to Applid Minds <–> Industrial light and magic
  • Investigate: Adding to launch facility a Weather station, and FAA radar feeds
  • Work out the Vomit comit ride logistics

specifically about my trip:

  • 2 AFRL iNodes (innovation)
    • Ratheon Bike Shop (Tucson)
    • Applied Minds, Inc (Los Angeles)
  • Astronaut Story Musgrave = awesome person…
  • Applied Minds heavily emhasizes:
    • human factors and erganomics
    • telecommuncations
    • visualization and modelling&simulation
  • focus on Architectures (in the following order of precidence)
    • social
    • operational
    • tecnical
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