Apogee III

Apogee is Mach 30’s annual gathering for the larger space, maker and open source hardware communities, as well as its volunteers and fans. This year, the first day, public part of Apogee III is going to be part maker faire, part conference. Mach 30 has long held that meeting in person is an essential part of our work and key to accomplishing our mission of hastening humanity into a spacefaring civilization, but Apogee is also a celebration of our shared passion for spaceflight, and we’d like you to be a part of that.

So, join us in Arlington, VA, August 6th at TechShop DC from 10am to 4pm to mingle with fellow space enthusiasts, see some of the things that Mach 30 and its community are doing, and hear from Mach 30 members and others about some of the things that are shaping open source hardware and space.

Quick Details

What: Apogee III

When: August 6th, 2016 from 10am to 4pm

WhereTechShop DC, located at 2110-B Crystal Dr. Arlington, VA 22202

How: You can register now on EventBrite, or at Techshop the day of.

Lodging: Apogee III is within walking distance of three hotels



TechShop DC/Arlington

Presentations and Exhibits


Andrew Reed The Cosmoneer Proto – A Spacecraft Innovation Revolution
Dreams of space exploration reignited by cubesats and a genuine desire to share ideas, Cosmos Pioneering intends to engage people with the Cosmoneer Proto in ways a cubesat never will.
Daron Westly CubeSats on Earth: Sampling the Stratosphere
Not every CubeSat can find a ride to space. And they don’t all necessarily need to, as Daron Westly will show. Come learn about the CubeSat Daron and his team are building to collect scientific data on fungal spores at the edge of space by piggy backing on a glider.
David Wurmfeld Heading Off Launch Day Gremlins
David Wurmfeld will share a test device he built for his model rocketry flights and how it can be used to prevent unwanted glitches on launch day by verifying the range control’s firing circuit and any squib firing circuits for parachute recovery.
J. Simmons A Ground Station in Every School
Imagine if every school had its own ground station operated by the students. This kind of hands on experience could inspire and empower a whole new generation of spaceflight professionals. J. Simmons will share how Mach 30 is using open source hardware to make this vision a reality.
Yajaira Sierra-Sastre Life on Pseudo-Mars
What will astronauts eat on future missions on Mars? What will they wear? What psychosocial factors will help maintain crew cohesion and performance? Dr. Sierra-Sastre will share her experience as a crewmember of The Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS).


Andrew Reed Cosmoneer Proto – Desktop Satellite Simulator
Cosmos Pioneering presents the Cosmoneer Proto, a risk-free satellite simulator featuring real-world challenges encountered in space.
Christopher Jones Semi-Autonomous Payload Retrieval System
Christopher has built a prototype of a semi-autonomous payload retrieval system for rocket launched payloads. This system uses a UAV to autonomously rendezvous with the payload while it is descending, allow the operator to remotely capture the payload, then autonomously return to the launch site.
Daron Westly High Altitude Air Sampling CubeSat
The CubeSat is designed to fly on board the Perlan II high altitude glider and take air samples at different altitudes. The goal is to collect and analyze any allergenic fungal spores that reach into the stratosphere and might travel long distances around the globe.
Greg Moran How to make “rocket candy”
Greg Moran is a trained rocket scientist and he will be demonstrating how to safely cook up a batch of solid rocket fuel. You will learn about the chemical reactions that make up rocket thrust, using everyday household ingredients… But do not try this at home!
Greg Moran Shepard Test Stand Demos
Come watch a live rocket motor test with Greg Moran, Mach 30 VP. You won’t want to miss the “smoke and flame” (demos conducted throughout the day).
Mach 30 IPT Ground Sphere Mk 3-Open Source, Low Cost Ground Station
Ground Sphere Mk 3 is the 2016 Mach 30 development project. Our mission objective is to receive radio signals from spacecraft such as NASA’s International Space Station or NOAA weather satellites.
Samer Najia High Altitude Rocket Project (HARP)
Samer Najia’s HARP program is his personal project to launch a rocket to the edge of space to capture the curvature of the earth on video using as many off the self parts as possible. Come see a collection of Samer’s rockets from HARP including one which is 9 feet tall!